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• Scientific Affairs council is formed by a decision of the Minister of Higher Education upon the proposal of the Chairman of the Commission, and it consist of:
- An assistant to the Minister of Education shall be appointed by the Minister of Education (President
- Manager of Scientific Olympiad Department (member and vice-chairman)
- Head of Central Scientific Committee for each of the Olympic specialty (member).
- A representative (manager) of the Ministry of Education appointed by the Minister of Education (member).
- A representative of Higher Institute for Applied Science appointed by the Center’s General Director (member).
- A representative of the Atomic Energy Commission appointed by the Commission’s General Director (member).
- Three representatives of the students of Olympiad national scientific teams determined according to the rules specified in the Executive Regulations of the Scientific Olympiad Departement (member).
• The Scientific Affairs Council shall assume the following tasks:
1. supervision level:
- Placing the necessary executive plans to implement the general strategy of the commission regarding Olympics’ Departement.
- Placing scientific, administrative and information plans for the department in light of the general policy of the commission.
- Discussing the annual report on departement’s activities in preparation for submitting it to the Chairman of the Commission and approving by the Council.
- Placing the legal and procedural framework for the establishment of simple scientific incubators that establish scientific research thinking among young people.

2. scientific level:
- Placing the scientific strategy aiming to create an information center for the questions of each of the Olympics' specialties.
- Placing of the scientific strategy for qualifying and training.
- Deciding the criteria for acceptance of participants in the Olympiads and competitions, in addition to developing the scientific process, preparation mechanisms and supporting the participating students.
- Establishing the bases and criteria for contracting with trainers, experts and specialists.
- Proposing agreements for cultural, scientific and technological cooperation regarding the Department’s work, and including its determinants and framework.

3. Administrative level:
- Proposing sponsorship of public and private bodies for the activities of the department.
- Proposing the acceptance of grants, donations, gifts, guardianships and aids according to the laws and regulations in force.
- Proposing the executive regulations for the Scientific Olympiad department.

• Scientific Affairs Council meetings:
- The Council meets once a month and whenever necessary. This shall be documented in official records. The meetings of the Council are legal in the presence of two thirds of the members. Decisions and recommendations are issued with the approval of the majority of those present.
- The President of the Council may invite competences and experts to attend council’s meetings to discuss subjects that fall within their area of competence and expertise, without having the right to vote.
- The Board shall meet periodically at the beginning of each semester.