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• The Scientific Central Committee shall prepare the scientific bases for the training and qualification programs in the specialties of the Olympiad, according to the detailed scientific axes and the scientific standards adopted for the international Olympiads, and according to a specific methodology, dates and timetables, with ensuring fair opportunity for all students to train according to a unified perspective and mechanism in all governorates.
• Training of Olympic students is organized through:
- Plans and executive programs for qualifying and training on scientific level and developing of multiple skills.
- Implementing scientific and training forums and informative visits in universities and research centers in Syria and abroad.
- Reliance on electronic and virtual education means in training and qualifying.
• The training will be conducted by members of an educational and research body and technicians from universities, research and educational institutions. And participate in it teachers who won in the scientific Olympiad for Teachers and the students who won international awards.
• The student's scientific journey begins within the national team as part of the continuous training and Qualifying plans carried out by the Department throughout the year according to its scientific operational plans, and will continue throughout the period of his stay in the national team. The annual training course consists of the following:

1. Training the official final exam candidates (country level)
2. Training students of national scientific teams:
A. The stage after the final tests for Olympics (central) until test of the selection of scientific teams of external participants, and include students of national scientific teams (old & new).
B. training phase which starts from selection test of the scientific teams of external participations to the Central Scientific Training Forum, including:
- Students of national scientific teams (new and old).
- Students of the Syrian Scientific Olympic teams for external participations.
C. The annual scientific training forum stage:
- The annual central scientific training forum for students of the national scientific teams is held during the school summer vacation and commensurate with the dates of the external participations.
- Training programs are designed for new, old, and Olympic teams for external participations’ students.
- More than half of the sessions are allocated to practical applications in laboratories.
- Members of the Central Scientific Committee and members of faculty and research commissions in universities and research centers Participate in the training in theoretical lessons and practical applied sessions. As well members of the technical body staff and graduate and postgraduate students and laboratory workers, Participate in the practical applied sessions.
- The scientific program accompanies programs for the development of skills, and activities in addition to cultural and entertainment visits.
- The rules of discipline and the instructions of the scientific forums (included in the suffix in this regulation) shall apply to the participants in the forum.
- Other training forums may be established within the department plans according to specific goals with the approval of the Scientific Affairs Council.

D. The stage following international participations until the end of the year:
- The Central Scientific Committee, in coordination with the Department, follows-up the training within the governorates according to the scientific principles and methodology. At the end of this stage the final evaluations of the results of the student's training activity during the year will be set and adopted.