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• The Scientific Olympiad for Teachers is a competition at scientific specialties determined by the Council of Scientific Affairs upon the proposal of the administration, after coordination with the Ministry of Education. This competition is for the Syrian teachers and non-Syrian teachers (accepted within the law) in all public, private and seized schools at all types (public, vocational…etc), which follows the Ministry of Education or licensed to work in the Syrian Arab Republic.

• The Olympics aims to:
- Contribute to the creation of a creative class of teachers capable of creativity, innovation and keeping up with the continuous development in the teaching process in all its aspects (teaching methods - creative ways of thinking …)
- Motivating teachers who teach Olympiads specialties at country's schools, and developing the spirit of positive competition between them.
- Display talented teachers at these specialties, and encourage them to develop their scientific abilities.
- Promote the spirit of cooperation between teachers and the exchange of experiences between them.
- Enhance the culture of scientific Olympiad among teaching staff and increasing the teachers’ interest in the Olympiads.
- Discover distinguished among teaching staff and investing their capacities in various aspects.
• The commission shall issue an annual announcement which includes the Olympiad specialties and laws, conditions, mechanisms and dates of participation in the competition and the duration and nature of the tests.
• The contest is conducted through two-stage tests:
1. Stage one (Area Level):
- All specialized teachers shall apply to this stage of the tests in accordance to the conditions included in the annual Olympiad announcement.
- Moves to the second stage the top at each specialty according to the sequence of grades and the number determined by the Council of Scientific Affairs.

2. Stage two (Provinces level):
- Successful teachers according to stage one testing results shall participate at this stage.
- Moves to the final stage of teachers the top at this test according to the sequence of grades, after the integration of all Provinces’ for each specialty apart results according to the number determined by the Council of Scientific Affairs.

3. Stage three (Country level- Central tests):

- Central tests are carried out in a center determined by the Administration in coordination with the Ministry of Education. Successful teachers according to stage two testing results shall participate at this stage.
- The top winners at Olympiad specialties are named according to the tests’ results and the number determined by the Council of Scientific Affairs in each specialty.

• The conditions of complete confidentiality shall be applied in the tests at all stages, including hiding teachers’ names on the answer sheet. The questions are corrected immediately after tests and the names of the winners shall be announced immediately after the completion of the corrections according to a detailed and accurate grading scale that covers each specialty’s interlocutor.
• The teacher may not participate in more than one specialty in the competition in the same year.
• All the specialized teachers working at the National Center for the distinguished will participate in the competition. The National Center for the distinguished is treated here as an area.
• The participating teachers are not charged for any fees or expenses for participation in the Olympiads at all its stages.
• The commission in not legally responsible for any procedures in relation to the contestant’ participation at the Olympiad, and regardless of their results at all competition stages.
• The Ministry of Education participates in the Central Scientific Committee of the Syrian scientific Olympiad through presence of two distinguished teacher in each specialty who won the scientific Olympiad for teachers previously, and they are nominated by the Minister of Education.
• The central scientific committee prepares the question and grading scale for all stages of the tests. Answer books are corrected for stage one and two within the province by the Scientific Sub-Committee, while answer books for stage three are corrected by the Central Scientific Committee.
• Central scientific committee prepares the main scientific interlocutor for questions subjects and announces them on the Ministry of education and the Administration’s websites and through Directorates of education at the provinces.
• Scientific committees (sub - central) provide at the stages of the tests official records of the participants’ results at each stage, in preparation for final authentication.
• The participating teacher in the tests may register a written objection against his results after the results are issued, according to the approved objections system (attached in the appendix section of this regulation). The Department shall take the necessary measures to consider his objection in accordance with the pre mentioned objection system.
• The names of the winners will be announced at the end of the competition and they will be honored in coordination with the Ministry of Education.