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the Scientific Olympiad Department aims is to search and care for creative and distinguished students and to motivate them in the various fields of science through the organization of Olympiads, competitions and national championships in applied and theoretical sciences in order to discover, motivate, train, and qualify competencies from talented, creative, and distinguished students and send them to participate in the international Olympiads.

Administration goals are achieved by:

1. Contributing to the placing of the general strategy of the Commission’s work that is related to its work.
2. Placing the executive plans for its work in light of the general strategy of the commission’s work.
3. Organizing the Olympiads, competitions and national championships in applied and theoretical science which aims to discover the competencies from talented and creative according to the principle of fair opportunities for all Syrian society’s segments.
4. Conducting scientific and analytic studies for the results of the Olympics, competitions and championships, and the conclusion of scientific indicators that contribute to its development at all aspects.
5. Training and qualifying (targeted) and developing their multiple skills and improving and enriching their level of knowledge and (theoretical and practical) according to plans and programs that correspond to the international levels.
6. Securing and developing the environments, tools and means necessary for fulfillment of training and qualification in a way that ensures the upgrading of scientific levels (for targeted) to the international levels.
7. Selecting the Syrian scientific Olympic teams for external participations, according to specific criteria and standards.
8. Preparing to participate in Olympics, competitions and championships internationally and regionally and creating the means to achieve outstanding results and advanced positions in it.
9. Benefiting from participation in international and regional Olympics, competitions and competitions and transferring international experiences (scientific, executive, procedural ...) in the field of its work.
10. Spreading the culture and philosophy of the Olympics at the pedagogical, educational and community levels, and preparing and developing the necessary plans and programs to achieve this.
11. Working on the creation of social structures and the establishment of scientific incubators to pave the way for scientific research mentality among the distinguished Syrian youth.
12. Preparation and implementation of psychological, educational, social and national programs that contributes to the building of the personality of the national teams’ members in a way that complement their scientific distinction at the mentioned aspects.
13. Building and strengthening trust relations between the administration and the families of the Olympic students as continuation to the student‘s support and pursuing the desired goals.
14. Building cooperation relations at the international and regional levels in the field of Olympics to serve work of the Department and achieve its goals.
15. Building cooperative relations and working partnerships with leading national institutions to serve the work of the Department.
16. Supervising the scientific committees that follow the administration, and the placing of plans and programs to develop its work.