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Scientific Olympiad Departement

• The Department of Scientific Olympiad is organizing a national Olympiad through a competition in applied and theoretical sciences which aims to discover, motivate, and encourage the competencies of talented, creative and distinguished people, then send them to participate in international Olympiads.
• The Scientific Olympics Department:
A. Director of the Department.
B. Council of Scientific Affairs.

• Director of the administration: the administrative head of the department is responsible for the students and employees, the applying of the management’s tasks and supervision over it, and implementation of the decisions of board of directors and the council of Scientific Affairs of the Department, and is directly responsible to the President of the Commission on the proper functioning of the Department and a spending commander and responsible for maintenance according to the limits authorized by the Board of Trustees.

• The Director of the Department shall undertake the following tasks:
1. On the level of supervision:
- Pursuance of strategic plans and operational programs for the work of the Department of Scientific Olympiad.
- Supervising the organization of the Olympiads at all stages.
- Scientific and administrative supervision on all aspects of the work in the department.
- Supervising the proper implementation of tests, and qualifying and scientific training programs.
- Supervising participation in international and regional Olympics and working to provide all necessary means to achieve this.

2. At the scientific level:
- Placing general standards for the construction of test questions, training and scientific training.
- Preparing the general plans for the Olympics and competitions at the national, regional and international levels.
- Working on developing Olympiad working mechanisms. Including scientific studies, analysis of results and problem handling.
- Proposal of formation of scientific committees related to the work of the Department.
- Conducting scientific assessments of the work of the central scientific committees.

3. At the administrative level:
- A) Implementing the resolutions of the Council, the Chairman of the Commission and the Scientific Affairs Council of the Department.
- Prepare the annual report on the activities of the administration and submit it to the Scientific Affairs Council for discussion in preparation for submission to the Chairman of the Commission for discussion and authentication by the Council.
- Spending commander and responsible for maintenance according to the limits authorized by the council
- Proposal of the executive regulations for the Olympiads’ administration
- Preparing the annual calendar of the department’s work and activities
- Preparation of announcement of Olympiads and competitions containing their regulating rules and the conditions and dates of registration for participation.
- Communicating with students and their families through direct meetings to enhance trust between management, students and their families.
- Proposal of granting bonuses and rewards to employees and students in the administration according to the rules specified in the executive regulations of the Olympic Administration.
- Proposal of granting bonuses to lecturers, teachers and scientific supervisors cooperating with the commission employees
- Preparing performance evaluations related to the employees in the Department.
- Follow-up of students' scientific and administrative affairs in accordance with the laws, regulations and instructions.
- Nominating the delegations participating in Olympiads and competitions inside or outside the Syrian Arab Republic borders.
- Fulfillment of other tasks and duties prescribed by the commission’s laws and regulations.