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• The commission of distinction and Creativity was created under Law No. 11 of 2016. Based in Damascus city and linked to the Minister of Higher Education Ministry. It is a public body of a scientific nature, which enjoying legal personality and financial and administrative independence.

• The commission aims to care about the early geniality and to search for originators and distinguished individuals and motivate them in the various fields of science by applying multiple ways that attract young and emerging abilities and provide a suitable environment for them to invest their abilities in the sustainable development process.

• The Commission shall undertake the following tasks:

a) Develop a national plan to raise awareness of the concepts of talent and creativity and detecting them, and to enable a culture of distinction and intellectual leadership.
b) To activate the methods and manners of enrichment in the development of creative thought, and to unleash the energies of the mind and improve the performance of creative, talented and distinguished.
c) To monitor, disclose, embrace and care for the creative potential of the emerging groups and youth at different levels of education.
d) Teaching outstanding students with a certificate of basic education and providing scientific care to them through special curricula, enrichment programs and an appropriate pedagogical educational and pedagogical environment.
e) Following the paths of creativity and distinction for students in order to identify the development of their skills, and provide adequate support to maintain their talents and investing it in the optimal manner, and overcome the difficulties that face them.
f) Encouraging creative, talented and distinguished individuals to unleash their creative potential in preparation for refining and developing them in various scientific fields.
g) Providing the necessary needs to transform creative ideas into executable projects, and to adopt and support pioneer ideas to become promising and investment able projects.
h) Building a system of education and creative training that helps to explore the talents and creative potential.
i) Establishing the mechanisms of incorporeal and financial motivation to unleash the creative potential of distinct students through implementing specialized competitions and granting prizes in the various fields of talent, creativity and distinction.
j) Granting scholarships to gifted, creative and distinguished individuals and taking care of them in accordance with the criteria determined by the executive regulations of the administrations.
k) Supporting the fulfillment of programs, research and studies in the field of its specialization.
l) Coordination with the institutions and centers inside and outside the Syrian Arab Republic in the field of its specialization in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
• The Commission shall consist of:
- The Council.
- Chairman of the Commission.
- Office of Administrative and Operational Support.
- Administration of academic programs.
- Scientific Olympiad Department.
- National Center for the distinguished.